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Sirui Professional Landscape Filter Kit Review

Thanks to Pixel one, I was lucky enough to be given Sirui's new professional landscape 100mm square filter kit to review.

Sirui CPL Filter and 10-Stop ND 100mm Filter

Sirui Australia (distributed in Australia by Pixel One) sent to me to review their new filter system I was impressed by the speed in which the box was delivered, I use and love the Sirui tripods so was pretty eager to see what this filter system was like. The filter system comes at a RRP of $499 and includes:

- 1 x 100mm Sirui Square Filter Holder

- 1 x Sirui Soft GND16 (1.2) Filter - 100mm x 150mm

- 1 x Sirui ND1000 (10 Stop) Filter - 100mm x 100mm

- 1 x CPL Filter

- 1 each of 67mm, 72mm and 77mm adapter rings

- Padded Carry Bag

- Allen Key and 4 screws

Sirui CPL Filter

As a mainly landscape photographer, this is all you need to get started, however, for longer term use, I would welcome the introduction of other filter variants, such as the ND8 (3 Stop) and ND64 (6 Stop) filters.

What I first noticed that the filter holder was solid lightweight aluminium and smaller than the one I normally use. As someone with smaller hands, it was much easier to handle than the larger filter system. The CPL fitted really nicely into the holder and I am someone who normally leaves it in there. The dial for the CPL is nicely integrated.

I tested the system in average conditions, as the weather in Sydney has not been amazing of late, so I had to take some solid long exposures and the softness and colour of the end photos were really clean. There was no colour casting or vignetting and helped pop the light that was available and keeping the detail in the photos that you want. I can't wait to test these filters out in all conditions rather than just average ones.

I was smashed by a wave using the system and there are no hidden places for salt water to hide, which is an added bonus as was the ease of cleaning the glass.

This is a solid filter system, which is lightweight and as I have a F-Stop bag with limited space, the compact nature of this system and the fact it is lightweight makes it a winner.

Things I liked:

- Build quality

- Weight

- Integrated CPL

- GND and ND glass quality

- No colour casting or vignetting

- Value for money

- Size

Things I didn't like:

- the separate sleeves were fiddly

- no lens cap (hopefully will be introduced)

- limited range of filters (hopefully will be introduced)

Overall, for people moving into either their first square filter system, new to landscape or want some excellent value for money, then this filter will not disappoint. Sirui make the best tripods in the world, so they know how to make quality products and I can't see what is next in line with the growth of their filter system.

Available for purchase from Sirui Australia by following this link

Sirui CPL and ND10 Stop 100mm

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